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On this page, i have a spreadsheet for keeping track of earnings as a freelance writer. It is far from perfect but more or less works for me. As a teacher I had a much less efficient system of remembering who had paid and who owed and when my lessons were. A tiny, week-to-a-page diary that I scribbled it all down on. I inevitably forgot to write something down, or forgot whether or not I had forgotten to write something down and then would be afraid of charging  a student twice so would let the possible error go in their favour or would lose the book altogether and have my whole working life erased. I recently heard about a system for keeping track of all of that, booking students in for classes, records of classwork (more bits of paper for the old me), homework and pay They’ve got videos of how it works on their Facebook page, check it out!


I know it’s Saturday night but this is what I do for fun OK?! Actually I was ill and had to cancel going out but saw an opportunity to cross something off my To Do list before it undergoes its transformation into an Urgent/Important Time Management Matrix.

Keeping on top of my finances now I am almost wholly freelance is getting tricky. There’s only so much I can remember and I recently realised I’d not been paid for some jobs I thought I had been so it became time to stop just scribbling things in my diary and Excel it.

I’m sure there are a million apps and online tools for doing this…but I can’t be bothered to trawl through them and they might not work for a writer. Actually I am sure there are special ones for writers too. And no doubt mine is full of bugs. DO write and tell me won’t you, as well as a million other things I could have done to make it more efficient/perform tricks/make me dinner/sing to me while counting my split ends.

But in case you have this need too, here’s thefreelance record of earnings

It has a tab for GBP and Euro earnings and another for Royalties once they start coming in. I have running totals for various stuff and yellow highlighted is paid, orange is hourly/salaried taxed at source. It would be nice if the exchange rate from Euros to GBP would change from some online source but that is just for reference and I will put it in myself when I want to know.


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