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The English Language


The Pitfalls of English, the Most Exported Language in the World

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How English-language pronouns are taught around the world



The complex process that dictionaries use to decide which words are obsolete

Feel more fun in French? Your personality can change depending on the language you speak


5 Things That Make English Difficult for Foreigners to Learn

Pregnancy and parenting


Why I Fought So Hard to Have a C-Section



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I Work From Home so I Can Be There for My Kids. But They Didn’t Realize I Worked at All.

To My Single Mom: You Had It Way Harder Than I Realized Growing Up




In defense of wanting to have a C-section



I Gave Birth The “Lazy” Way — & Why Wouldn’t I?

The pregnancy I didn’t announce

I’m A New Mom — & It’s Not As Hard As I Expected

Prenatal Depression: The Pregnancy Condition No One Talks About

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The Surprising Way My C-Section Taught Me About Motherhood

Everyone Talks About Pregnancy Cravings, But I Developed a “Non-Craving


I used to cover up when breastfeeding. Now I flaunt it

The best preparation for breastfeeding is accepting it might not happen


How a few wealthy kids taught me the parenting power of money



[site folded, now]

If We Talked to Everyone the Way We Talk to Expectant Mothers

Daycare’s 15-Minute Goodbye Rule Did Me an Enormous Favor

Why I Gave My Son a Box of Tissues for His First Birthday



Maybe, baby: a baby-lead weaning reality check!




What Expectant Moms Wanting Natural Births vs. C-Sections Have in Common

How Moms really feel about their C-section scars

‘I snack on food I find in my baby’s hair’

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Son’s Foreskin

6 Unsolvable Problems When Flying Solo With a Baby

The Toddler Time Suck Is Chipping Away At This Little Bit Of Me



The Best Marmalade in the World is Worth the Fuss

What the Turks Know About Breakfast That Americans Don’t



Forget the Kebab: A Primer on 5 Delicious Things to Eat in Istanbul

(Unfortunately there are formatting issues with the Turkish characters)


What Tea (Yes, Tea!) Taught Me About Love

Travel, fashion, general interest


Love Island 2019:

Who is destined to find their mate on Love Island based on what we’ve seen so far?

Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 15.26.30I’m trapped in Spain because of Brexit and it hasn’t even happened yet.Whatever comes next will be even worse


The Return of Chest Hair


A perfect Day in Girona screenshot 2019-01-28 at 11.29.16

Paste: Eat and Drink Your Way Around the Game of Thrones Set in Girona, Spain

Mental Floss: How Bacons (as in People Named Bacon) Have Helped Shape Western Culture

Life and relationships


I let my student talk me into Botox




Motherhood Freed Me From The Male Gaze





The Books That Lied




I’m ready to stop lying about my age … sort of

Sit back, relax and let your gut feeling guide your love life

Screenshot 2018-12-16 at 13.03.38.pngI’ll Take Non-Monogamy Over Infidelity


Salon: What I learned from dating someone in an open marriage

Screenshot 2018-12-18 at 16.04.34Working From Home Was Bad for my Relationship




How to deal when saying sorry isn’t enough

When is it OK to be late?



Use This Writing Exercise to Uncover Your Ideal Self


Refinery 29: A Brexit Survivor’s Guide To Getting Through The Holidays

On writing


Writing a book won’t make you rich — co-written with Rebecca Strong



Part I, 7 Ways Besides Sales to Make Money Off your Novel co-written with Rebecca Strong

Part II, 8 More Ways to Make Money Off Your Novel: Personal Essay Prompts 

(We wrote them jointly but it was easier for the site to credit one each)

Want to Get Over Your Writer’s Block? This Exercise Can Help

Why the Right Book Reviews are So Important for Authors

I’m a smut-smith, not a nympho: Stop thinking I’m sex-crazed because I write hot sex scenesScreenshot 2018-12-18 at 15.58.45.png

Content writing/Copywriting

For fintech client, NIFT: When design meets contracts

Girona guide for concierge app Porter & Sail

In print

 WritersForum, Modern English Teacher, ET Pro (article on applying for DOS positions), EL Gazette



Reclaiming Istanbul Flash fiction (creative non fiction really) about a controlling Turkish boyfriend.


Short story Over The Edge, my first ever “literary” piece.


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