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This book is for you if

•you’ve never taught Cambridge First Certificate before
•you want to know the most efficient techniques for getting your students through the exam, even if you’ve taught it before
•you want to be able to advertise your services as an expert in First Certificate

The best way to learn to teach Cambridge First Certificate, is to take students through an entire course. Most schools I’ve worked at don’t offer much in the way of additional training. You’re just expected to get on with it. When I taught First, Advanced and PET, I was bumbling along with the books just trying to stay one answer further ahead than the students. Even if you’re experienced at teaching general English, you can end up feeling like you’ve just stepped off the TEFL course. Learning along the way means you won’t always be able to see around every little corner. With this book, you’ll have everything you need to teach the exam the way your students deserve.

Available on Kindle, Amazon paperback and PDF. More info here.



standard-issue-textbooks10 no prep conversation lesson that will fill the whole class, practising phrases and vocab in context, on trending topics. Based on my Simple Speaking method and over 12 years of teaching English as a Foreign Language, these lessons are guaranteed to get students talking instead of killing their speaking time in class with the boring “read and respond” method found in typical ELT course books.

More info and where to buy.








cutting veg pre int


One of a soon-to-come-series aimed at making more speaking out of well-known coursebooks.

More info and where to buy.












Level 1 (A1) Original Fiction AWARD WINNER

Publisher’s Blurb: Jason looks in the mirror and sees a bruise under his eye. Why can’t his school friends see it? Later, a ball hits him in the same eye. Now people can see the bruise – and it hurts. Jason doesn’t understand…

Additional info: This one’s deep – it’s about the moral dilemmas posed by having access to knowledge about the future

Ideas for using it in class here.

Available here: Released 2013





Level: Elementary

Soon after Gemma gets a new phone, strange things start happening. Despite not studying, she’s suddenly getting top marks in every subject. Her tennis skills improve dramatically, attracting the attention of the best-looking boy in the school. And everyone wants to be her friend. But how has this happened? And is this new Gemma the real Gemma?

This paperback is in British English. Download the complete audio recording of this title and additional classroom resources at

Available here

The long story of its making here



Available from Black Cat

Level Intermediate AWARD WINNER

In a dystopian future where access to clean water is controlled by the Keepers, thirst is a part of everyday life. Kailani, a young girl, goes into the desert, to the Edge, to find water for her sick brother. If she fails, he might die.

Available from Black Cat

More of the story behind the story here.





Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 22.21.35


Level ESO 2 / Pre intermediate

Gwen is running away from bullies when she pulls something metal out of a stone and is transported back to the days of King Arthur. Now she has to take the arrogant Arthur’s place as king to fulfill the prophecy.

Available here.

Read how it almost never got published here







A book that can be used as a Self Study or with students for which I was allowed a very generous amount of freedom to include some of my ideas.

More on the thinking behind the book here, here and here.








lovelessonscoverrszSophie Day, a broken-hearted, newly-qualified English teacher, is on her way to Rome to get over her ex. A disastrous encounter with The Italian Sex Pest on the plane over, becomes a classroom nightmare when Marco Mezzanotte turns out to be her first, highly important, executive one-to-one student. Flirting as a reflex, Marco derails her lessons into unsettling is-he-or-isn’t-he-asking-me-out episodes or downright humiliation.
Despite hating him, Sophie fights her growing attraction with school ma’am primness especially when she thinks he wants her to help him pick out a ‘You’re Dumped’ present for his current, stunning girlfriend. She has other reasons for hiding her interest in Marco as her frighteningly taloned and mini-skirted boss, Veronique aka Venomique, has her sights set on him too.
Marco isn’t the only difficult student. From vacant teenagers to a plastic surgeon who can’t help dispensing his professional, personal, criticisms during lessons, can Sophie learn to deal with any of them?

More info and where to buy.




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