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A BA in Philosophy, a lifelong pedantry over the English language, an MA in ELT, a CV that spans about ten different countries and the beginnings of career as a published writer have all combined the roles of educator and communicator. I’m keeping my hand in teaching English although avoiding the typical language school set up, but  I’m concentrating on writing with Graded Readers The Tomorrow Mirror and As Other See Us  and  Collins English for Life: Speaking and a novel, Love Lessons.

Other creative writing…well…some things of an…er…adult nature under another name and out with Harper Collins digital imprint. I might let you in on some if you ask nicely!

As Academic Consultant, Centre Director and Academic Manager with Bede’s summer school, I had a six year love affair with all things summer school and something round which I pretty much scheduled the rest of the year. I ran the Academic Side of the programme which meant putting myself directly in the firing line for a British Council inspection in 2013. That took Bede’s from nowhere to 5th best summer school in the UK with 10 out of 15 points of excellence, most of the new ones academic related.

That expertise I plan to cast wider and start consulting for other schools both in the UK and abroad where market trends suggest a lot of potential. I’d specialise in schools who are starting out, looking to expand or with upcoming British Council inspections to contend with.

Blogging has become like breathing, as all writing is for me now, particularly in the last two years. If I don’t do it I think I might die but also it’s like taking a deeper breath. Having this outlet and being part of the ELT online community sends more oxygen to my brain.

Other writing online and elsewhere:

(the ones I can admit to under this name anyway)

Loyalty vs. Royalty on and other posts under my name

Ideas vs Persistence for the MawSIG newsletter, April 2014

Article about boarding school run summer schools for EL Gazette, April 2014. Various articles in Modern English Teacher and ET Pro.

Flash fiction (creative non fiction really) about  Reclaiming Istanbul from a controlling Turkish boyfriend on The Casket of Fictional Delights, July 2014.

Short story on Litro Over The Edge, my first ever “literary” piece.


IATEFL Online 2015 about Graded Readers and the “Where are the women in ELT?‘ talk with Russell Mayne.








3 comments on “About & Contact

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  2. ian
    December 13, 2015

    You can delete this. I am not trying to spam you or nothing. I hope you don’t mind but I quoted you and added it to a couple of articles I wrote:

    I appreciate your stuff. I like your creativity. Curious about those other books now too, lol…

    • Nicola
      December 13, 2015

      Thanks! You don’t have to look too hard to find the other book!

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