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Women in ELT Facebook group

So, following on from one of the points in my last post on the topic of Women in ELT, I can announce …

 the Women in ELT group is up and running and open to members!

The group aims to further the careers of women in ELT by networking and sharing. I have been a member of several such groups related to writing and these groups have boosted the writing careers of thousands of their members by posting opportunities and inviting participation, as well as sharing expertise. Sharing can also mean the sharing of support, resources and inspiration. There are plenty of Facebook groups where teachers can get this kind of help with job-seeking and lesson planning but this one attempts to cover the whole of ELT and make use of the networking potential of thousands of women.

The purpose of the group as it stands at the moment is:

  • networking with ELT teachers, trainers, speakers, writers, editors to share information about opportunities
  • sharing contacts, resources, advice, articles
  • seeking and exchanging services and help
  • for conference organisers to find speakers, for speakers to find events
  • advertising courses, webinars, conferences etc that members are offering/participating in
  • sharing successes, obstacles and asking for support
  • curating reading lists of articles by women, videos of talks (not limited to ELT)
  • developing strategies for action on gender balance
  • discussing issues relating to gender and equality

The result of discussions by the founder members about the nature of the group is that, for now, the group is open only to women. That is to be reviewed and voted on by all members in January 2017. The group is private which means that, in Facebook terms, it is called a “closed” group. Anyone can find it and ask to join it, but only members can read posts.

So, if you want to join, find the group here on Facebook and request to join the group. Please take a couple of minutes to read the pinned post with the group policy as it explains what the group is for and how to add other members.

I can’t wait to see what grows out of the group!


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