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Cutting Veg Pre-intermediate

I have a theory that course books don’t fully exploit reading texts for conversation. Often in class, at higher levels, I’d have some huge dense text that might (or might not) have been interesting, but took ages to read, had very little to discuss and was followed by comprehension and vocab exercises. With lower levels, the problem was more that texts were so short they had very little of interest in the content, and then the usual exercises followed. That led me to make my own materials most of the time, since I had mostly private classes, and develop my own method for turning them into speaking lessons. Read more about that here.

But I’ve been itching to apply the theory to course books, the famous titles we all know, to see what happens. I did one and it worked really well, but could a whole book go through the Reverse Reading/Simple Speaking process? So, this summer I went through a whole book, and it rhymes with Cutting Veg Pre-intermediate. I managed to make speaking lessons that exploit either or both the ideas and themes in the texts and the vocab and expressions. Some texts worked better than others, some texts made me want to drill holes in my skull.

The result is a compendium of companion conversation classes to be used before the reading part of the regular class using the 3rd edition of the popular book that rhymes with Cutting Veg Pre-intermediate. (Full instructions inside the book.)

I do intend to finish the series so there is a complete range of levels, if indeed it can be done. I tried another one that rhymes with Advanced English Smile but the pain was unendurable and I gave up at Chapter 2. Again, just like with the first Simple Speaking book, I am childishly, gleefully happy with the cover I made in Canva.

I hope it proves useful to anyone using the book that rhymes with Cutting Veg Pre-intermediate and please share stories of how it goes in class if you use it. Good luck!


Cutting Veg Pre-intermediate

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