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Jaime Miller – How to be an online teaching success

You might have seen Jaime Miller’s series of posts on ELTjam on which platforms to use to run successful online EFL lessons. Jaime has been sourcing all her income online for the last three years, helping students pass TOEFL iBT, and she’s probably the best person to go to for insight into how to take your career, income and job satisfaction into your own hands. If you’ve just started work at one of those dodgy schools, or even one of the “good” ones, and are looking for a way out, this might be it.

I have to admit I resisted doing this as an on camera post. I do almost anything to avoid being at close range in front of a camera. I often pretend my internet connection is bad so as to opt out of the webcam on a Skype call and there are very few photos of me in existence, let alone ones I like. There’s a reason my online social media photos are mostly hair covered! However, Jaime very cleverly made it seem like something I should do and shared advice on how to get the best out of the setup (camera level, background, lighting etc.). My bad luck that the time difference meant no natural light is all I can say for the result!

Anyway, some background about Jaime, English Success Academy and online teaching.

The students

What everyone probably wants to know, where to find students if you’re looking to make the switch to online classes.

I wondered if students who took lessons online were perhaps more motivated than those taking classes since they were sacrificing the “social” element of language learning that they might get in face-to-face classes.

The teachers

A topic close to my heart, is the power going to switch to teachers rather than schools if online classes become the norm? Who really has the control? Jaime is a great example of someone who’s got total control over her career and she told me more about her plans for EFL domination!

For anyone interested in learning more about the two courses Jaime talked about in the video, they are:

  • Online Tutor Launchpad — a business-development training that shows ESL/EFL tutors how to develop a sustainable tutoring or teacher-training platform. It’s an 8-week webinar series with lots of Q&A time, where Jaime will lead a live group through the major considerations about choosing a specialism, setting up a website that will get results, delivering your course material digitally (or coordinating online teaching material which you curate from other sources), and establishing a referral system that will give you a schedule full of students who you love. More info here.
  • How to Teach Exams — an in-depth look at strategies, lesson plans and activity sequences that boost students’ scores on high-stakes exams. Through a series of webinars, videos and Q&A sessions, teachers find out about how to teach reading, listening, writing, and especially speaking. The course dives into strategies to destabilize a wide variety of fossilized speaking errors (from pronunciation and intonation to grammar and vocabulary) so that students have higher accuracy with their spontaneous speech, even under stress. Teachers have lifetime access to the course reference material and receive a certificate as an English Success Academy certified Exams teacher, Level 1. More info here.



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