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Another anti-grammar poetry rant

Is your past perfect? Is your present continuous?

Will your future be simple?

Was your past continuous haunting you? Then I wish you a continuous present. Will your future be continuous? Or more demandingly, perfect continuous?

Are you pro nouns or do you prefer to verb?

Are you determined by your quantifiers? Just a bit? Only a few?
What positions are your conditionals in – first, second or third? Or do you mix them?
Are your sentences cleft? Or do you leave that to your relatives to define?

Do you have multiple word verbs?
Do you punctuate regularly?
Do you like your verbs active or passive?

Are your comparatives superlative?
Are you definite about articles?
Do you question tags?
Are your plurals regular?

The grammar content of most EFL course books continues to be a huge a kick in the adverbials.

I can’t wait until EdTech start ups are in charge of coursebook syllabus decisions. Or me. Either way, something has to change.

Previous effort at almost poetry here.


2 comments on “Another anti-grammar poetry rant

  1. flakycrow
    November 22, 2014

    A student in China. slightly missing the point, once wrote me an example sentence: Our leaders will make our future perfect.

    • Nicola
      November 22, 2014

      Or they were being really meta clever!

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