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What kind of ELT approach are you?

People do love a good bit of quiz nonsense. Here’s something I put together while procrastinating so you can do something other than you should be doing right now. Haven’t you always wanted to categorise your personality according to TEFL approaches?


1.  What do you do first thing in the morning?

A. Shave or do your hair with the lights off, see how badly you’ve done then re-do it with the lights on.

B. It depends who you’ve woken up next to.

C. You turn off the alarm, get out of bed, brush your teeth, have breakfast, wait for the bus and then catch the bus.

D. Check your email, Twitter, Facebook and online task management tool before you get out of bed.

E. Read a text in Greek about getting up but otherwise stay where you are.

2. There’s nothing in your fridge. What do you do about it?

A. Buy a load of fancy ingredients for  a specific recipe and then get home and realise you had everything you needed in the cupboard anyway.

B. Decide what to buy based on what’s available seasonally and locally.

C. Look at the products on the shelves but only buy things that go together.

D. Your food has already been ordered online by your internet enabled fridge.

E. Engage in a mental exercise about cooking that has no intended application in the kitchen.

3. How do you find a date?

A. Identify a seduction target and put your planned approach into action.

B. Choose from whoever’s in the nearest bar.

C. Call on an ex because you always fit well together.

D. Employ an algorithm to select your ideal mate.

E. Choose someone whose form looks good without paying any attention to what they say.

4. What job do you do?

A. Project Manager.

B. Therapist.

C. Construction worker.

D. Vice President of Agile Innovation Success.

E. Museum curator.

5. What kind of music do you like?

A. Anything from the X-factor. Those guys always get to Number 1.

B. Improvised jazz.

C. Mash ups of classic songs.

D. Hardcore techno, preferably created solely by machines.

E. You only ever read sheet music, why would you bother listening to it?


What your results say about you

Mostly A’s

You are Task Based Learning.  You focus on the outcome and will happily do something less efficiently if it gets to a result. Of some kind. Even if it’s the same as it was last time.

Mostly B’s

You are Dogme. You go with the flow, winging it whenever possible but, hey, it all turns out for the best in the end!

Mostly C’s

You are The Lexical Approach. Life is a series of previously experienced chunks and you never analyse any of its component parts.

Mostly D’s

You are Edtech. You downloaded this quiz directly to the content chip in your head and had it tweeted before you got to the results.

Mostly E’s

You are Grammar Translation – a dinosaur that never became fully extinct but, such is fashion, may well come into vogue again when the internet breaks.


Many thanks to Nick Robinson for his contributions and far superior knowledge of ELT approaches. You’d never guess which one of us wrote MA essays about this stuff once.

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