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New lesson plan site

Summer in England, especially Bank Holiday Mondays, can be bleak. There wasn’t much blogging to be done and the withdrawal or the rain on August Bank Holiday made me start a new blog.

No-one really knows it’s there yet. So…..TA DA!


!! !!

A site where I will upload lesson materials I’ve made over the years that are otherwise just laying around on my laptop. Here’s a bit more of an intro.

It’s free (but hopefully not sh*t which is always a bonus) and I am putting up materials plus lesson plans for grammar, vocab, songs and maybe some business stuff.

I’ll try to post something every week but follow the blog by signing up with the “Follow by email” button on the right hand side of the page and you won’t miss anything.

There are a few lessons up there already:

Pictures for past simple vs continuous

Auxiliary noughts and crosses

A quiz for teaching IT vocab

A plan for Annie’s Song by John Denver

There’s one coming tomorrow on phrasal verbs using TPR which you’ll find here by lunchtime.

 Use, share, comment, credit.

Enjoy 🙂


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