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New Year 2014

Well, that 12 months of being fabulous passed so quickly I wonder how I managed to fit so many jaw-droppingly fantastic achievements in.

I didn’t just get shit done, I Got Shit Done!

No, not merely that.


I milked the life cow of every last drop and harvested the grapes of opportunity, crushed them into the sweet pulp of  fulfillment and fermented it into a vintage year of success.

I was a determined seeker of public transport, often using multiple methods to get to other places. I continued to eat things, often fornicating with my lunch or smearing myself with truffle oil  and then posting the results of my gastrogasms on social media.

This coming year: flat pack furniture. It’s the next logical step in the staggering feat that is following instructions and assembling stuff.

But I don’t just do things to make myself look good. No! I tirelessly work for the advancement of the wider world. My Twitter campaign to end the enslavement of the word “internet” by the capitalist I (so beloved of ELT publishers) may have come to naught but I refuse to give up. There’s no I in internet, this affects us all.


I will probably follow this post with a more serious but, ultimately, no less gloating reflection on the year, pretending it’s for your information/edification.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


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