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ESL classroom situations that no-one prepares you for.

A gem I just found written by a colleague


Teaching English is just like being thrown to the lions, the only difference is that there are no lions. And nobody throws you. And there are textbooks.  The point I’m trying to make is that it’s difficult and you’re usually underprepared when you first start working. You can read up, train, ask around, but you’ll never be quite ready for…

1: A kid saying “nigger” in class

Sigh, it’s far far too common. You’re happily teaching away when some not-so-smart Alec farts out a poorly constructed sentence with an N bomb in it. All the adolescent boys chuckle, and now you’ve got a situation that you can’t really ignore, but mustn’t make a big deal of either. “Now XXXXXX you mustn’t say that, it’s a very bad and offensive word, don’t say it again”,  “Why no teechair? 50 cent say it, many black men say it, why not I?”. Hmm…

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