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ELT Celebrity Encounters – Scott Thornbury

the thorn

I said I was going to stalk these Big Names of ELT at conferences with a view to sniffing out stories. Well, Scott Thornbury was my first at TESOL Spain in Seville. The following is not too sensational but surely if I go to enough of these conferences I’m going to get a big one.

I attended The Thorn’s opening plenary about the mind body connection. And afterwards I passed him at the exit so I thanked him for what had been an interesting talk and I said that I liked the academic nature of it as I missed being at university.

It’s only as I was thinking over it to write it up for the blog that I saw he did touch on practical classroom based examples at each stage of the talk. Which must have been on his mind as his reply to my comment was that he wasn’t sure about it as people sometimes complained that they wanted practical stuff.When I looked in the programme later I saw it said this: “I’ll review and illustrate developments in this exciting new field, and suggest some applications to teaching.”


So I’m sorry that I probably made him think he’d not struck the balance he was  aiming for.


3 comments on “ELT Celebrity Encounters – Scott Thornbury

  1. Scott Thornbury
    March 13, 2013

    LOL. I have been telling the story ever since of the woman who said ‘I liked your talk, it reminded me of when I was at university’. And my comment: ‘Damned by faint praise’. 😉

    • Nicola
      March 13, 2013

      Oh no! I LOVED being a student and would happily go back and do MA’s for infinity if I could. It was a compliment of the highest magnitude!

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