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New Year

Let’s start off 2013 the way I mean to go on. Pure self indulgent, me focussed blogging about ME!



1) This year, I’m going to do stuff. Some of this stuff will consist of things. And some of those will definitely be achievements. Definable, recognisable, unequivocal achievements – the kind that others congratulate me on before I get the chance to do it myself in Tweet form. These incredible feats will self proclaim in the strident tones of pure, undeniable success. But just in case they don’t, I’ll blog about them.

2) I’ll do these things with direction. A To Do list in a permanent frenzy of ticking off that will form a complex spider’s web of purpose and force of character as I continue to right the ills of the world and contribute to humanity at large.

3) On¬† a personal level, I’ll carry on being utterly fabulous (don’t worry, I’ll post a timely Tweet to let you know how I’m doing that). It will often be by congratulating myself on things I’ve cooked and taking photos of it. Don’t mistake that for showing off – it’s a generous opportunity¬† for you to mimic my incredible ability to read and follow instructions while wielding kitchen implements.

4) This year I’ll definitely carry on my amazing talent for eating and going places which fortunately both mean more trips to 2012’s fab new destination – Carrefour. I also excel at drinking, breathing and sleeping but I reluctantly concede that’s enough about me for now.

Ahhh, I can already see myself looking back and basking in the glow of my successes. 2013 – the year I Did Shit. Clearly outlined, goal focussed, experientially rich shit.


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