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Why Graded Readers are dead to me

As a long-time proponent of Graded Readers, I’m surprised and sad to be writing this post

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How to Teach B2 First

The first time I taught an exam class was PET (now called B1 Preliminary) with a group of students who were only really ready for KET (now called A2 Key). … Continue reading

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A new book to solve your conversation class problems

General English classes, especially intensive courses in summer, can mean having to think up a speaking topic for an hour every day. The classic solution¬†(once Taboos and Issues is exhausted … Continue reading

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Two graded stories by Clive Hiley

Two graded stories to use with your students with vocab and comprehension activities. This time a comedy and a detective story.

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Four graded stories by me

Four graded stories to use with students for @LearnEnglish_BC this time written by me #extensivereading #ELT #materialswriting

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Three graded stories by Andrew Leon Hudson

Pre-pandemic I got invited to write stories for the, British Council’s Learn English website. Ten of them. Which was a pretty daunting number of times to knock on the muse’s door and hope she was home. So I roped in two very talented authors to write three each and then I did the levelling and the activities. Here are three by Andrew Leon Hudson.

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On being poor in ELT: some verbs that collocate with money

<oney is a bit of a taboo because we're meant to teach, or write, for the noble love of education,or literature.

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5 stupid things we do in ELT

Putting rubrics above exercises Has anyone over the age of seven ever really needed to be told to write the words in the gap or to circle the words in … Continue reading

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How I write a 3-level story

@Muranava suggested I write about the process of grading texts from a writing point of view and, since I started writing stories and articles for the British Council Learning English … Continue reading

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Earn more money in ELT

Generally speaking, with few exceptions unless you wrote one of the coursebooks that appears in schools everywhere and has done since before most of us got our TEFL certificates, you’re … Continue reading

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Are periods PARSNIPs?

ELT loves a PARSNIP. The inclusion — or exclusion — of them from ELT materials fuels many a blog rant and keeps editors and materials writers on their toes. A … Continue reading

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Celebrating Women in ELT at Innovate ELT in Barcelona

A guest post from Claire Venables, co-founder of Voices SIG at BrazTESOL. In the 80s there was a UK-based group called Women in TEFL. Pre-email and social media, they organised … Continue reading

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